Compositing artist

Job Description

The main focus of the Compositing Artist is the integration of 3D scenes while respecting the technical rules and artistic vision established on the project.
Performs numerical compositing tasks at all steps of the production pipeline. Good knowledge of After Effects or Nuke software is required.


  • Integrates 3D elements, digital imaging elements and thumbnails with no visible edges to create the final shot;
  • Performs all aspects of composting;
  • Creates coarse and precise alpha masks using roto software and removes rigs and wire elements using After Effects or Nuke;
  • Works on blue/green screen extractions;


  • Strong knowledge of After Effects or Nuke;
  • A good understanding of photographic principles, image processing techniques and CG Compositing techniques;
  • A knowledge and interest in photography and practical lighting. Critical eye for detail;
  • Excellent communication skills and good knowledge of English;
  • Any other VFX skills are desirable (modeling, texturing, lighting, etc.).
  • Demonstrable ability to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas;
  • Ability to work in a team environment under tight deadlines.;