Client: Innogames

Game: Forge of Empires-Free online Strategy Game


Mobile Games Commercials: Standing out from the crowd with original concept and high quality art style

The project goal:

The aim of this funny game commercial was to attract new quality users to download and play the game and also to put a bit more emphasis on the humor aspect of it in order to get bigger potential for it to go viral. The video ad was planned to be shown on social networks like Facebook and Instagram (Newsfeed, Stories) as well as performance networks (mainly on rewarded video ads). Therefore, the ad had to be be very “clicky” overall to get picked up by the network’s algorithm, plus it had to be very attractive in the first seconds to hook the viewer from the very beginning and stand out from competitors.

Overview about the Game: Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a free-to-play, city-building strategy game in a historic setting that lets the player create his empire and guide it from the Stone Age throughout the centuries. The game combines aspects from city-building, turn- based-strategy and trading games, giving players the freedom to choose how to expand their city. The goal of the game is to transform a prehistoric settlement into a modern city state which is unrivaled in trade, military and culture.

Creative concept – NEWS REPORTER

The idea here is to create a funny “News show” where we can directly communicate different aspects of the game like progression, trade, building and different ages you can play with. Innogames always strives for immediate emotional engagement and activation with their video ads.


Once again Spring Onion Studio teamed up with Innogames to implement its creative vision of their famous game commercial Forge of Empires and also, to make contributions in showcasing the Game features in an exciting but easily understandable way. In this, we have found it desirable to include strong memorable scenes or motifs representing the game’s emotional coloring. Competition on the mobile games market is continuously rising and one of the main challenges in the production of the video ad is to appeal to a casual audience with a modern style, while avoiding being too generic.

What we try to achieve when working on this type project is to put more emphasis on the technical preparation of the characters, focus on environment and asset details and also maintain the quality of the animation throughout the whole commercial.

Our partnership with Innogames once again proved to be a perfect match when it comes to implementation original concepts while keeping the high 3D Art expectations.