Client: Innogames

Game: Forge of Empires-Free online Strategy Game

Mobile Games Marketing: “Mystic Mallet” Game Commercial

Goals & Objectives

The main objective of this game commercial was to showcase the game features in an exciting and humorous way and to attract new quality users to download and play the game. The main challenge with the concept was to make sure people get that the product is the game, especially a mobile game.

Creative concept & Implementation

The script for this commercial was challenging in terms of the animation complexity and dynamics. We had a lot of transitions and interactions between the characters as well as the highly detailed environments. Since we have long-term collaboration with Innogames and have experience with their in-game assets and expected level of quality, we managed to optimise our pipeline to meet those complex project demands. We have created the assets library specifically for FoE and tailored the system for rigs to speed up the animation process. This type of projects allow us to build new and optimised pipelines for cinematic production and to always improve the quality of our artwork.

Overview about the Game

Forge of Empires is a free-to-play, city-building strategy game in a historic setting that lets the player create his empire and guide it from the Stone Age throughout the centuries. The game combines aspects from city-building, turn- based-strategy and trading games, giving players the freedom to choose how to expand their city. The goal of the game is to transform a prehistoric settlement into a modern city state which is unrivaled in trade, military and culture.