Devin mineral water

Client: Devin

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Production: Screen Brothers

Devin Mineral Water Commercial-Mountain Destruction & Water Simulation Process Breakdown

Creative Concept

The main idea behind this project is to represent Devin Mineral Water as the ultimate symbol of nature’s power which is showcased in the commercial as a Giant of epic proportions rising straight from the heart of Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains. We had to show this ultimate power of nature through the mountain destruction process and powerful water simulation bursting free from the mountain.

Power Mountain Destruction Process

Starting from just sketching fragments over the model of a finished mountain we came up with a fully assembled puzzle of grand scale. Giving us the freedom to easily animate parts as needed, and finally, make them crumble with our Thinking Particles system. This streamlined pipeline proved perfect as the project naturally evolved.

Purity Water Simulation Process 

Powerful water bursting free from the mountain was the key visual component. We made sure we went all out. With the help of our friend – water simulation expert “Igor Zanic”, we tackled the simulation with Maya’s “Bifrost” system. A separately rendered fine mist completed the cold, fresh look.