Client: Innogames

Game: Elvenar Fantasy City Builder

Communicate game features with exceptional art work and character animation

Concept and Creative Vision:

The idea behind this video was to strongly focus on the building aspect which is the main feature of the game. The “building” is channeled by the leading character from the game while she uses magic to create a city from nothing. Since this game commercial was planned to be used for Online Channels & Social Media, the classic AIDA approach: Attention-grabbing event at the very beginning was advised to be implemented. Interaction between the character and her building the city with her magic was in the main focus of this game commercial while music, sound effects, stylish cast animations and a lot of dust are just a few attributes required in order to communicate an epic city building game.

Overview about the Game

Elvenar is a free-to-play city building and turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting. The old and mystical world, represented as a lush green forest, is inhabited by two kinds of creatures: humanoids and beastly creatures. While both races can use magic, their preferences differ. Humans are more focused on animals and technology, elves more on nature and magical plant-like creatures. Elvenar emphasizes a peaceful, non-competitive gameplay that is focused on building and growing idyllic cities.


Since the Progression / building had to come across as desirable to the viewer, we have used different camera angles and movements to grab the viewers’ attention and create interest. We used clean style in animation with an emphasis on building aspect in the vast meadow valley setting at the beginning then building up the viewer’s expectation while the female character is building a city with magic, towards the end, where Elvenar city was in the middle of a meadow valley showing magnificent buildings.

We have used a clean style which fits perfectly to the social media environment while trying to transfer a clear and easy-to-understand message: building aspect in the game.

Since the Marketing assets differ from the ingame assets in the way that it is not allowed to use too fantastical objects in the assets, we have implemented a more realistic, low fantasy art style. The overall color palette was also more muted and grounded than the colors we see in the game. The assets displayed were highly detailed but clearly structured and readable. The strong focus has been given to the magic creation and character animation. Magic is represented as a nature-immanent power, an element such as fire or water.