Client: Innogames

Game: Forge of Empires-Free online Strategy Game

Mobile Games Marketing: “World of Tiles” Game Commercial

Goals & Objectives

Since the mobile games market is very competitive, the primary goal of this game commercial was to attract new quality users to download and play the game. Therefore, the game ad had to be very “clicky” and appealing in the first seconds to hook the viewer from the very beginning and stand out from competitors. A strong CTA in the end was needed to ensure that the user gets the key message & takes action to visit the AppStore by clicking the ad. The main challenge with the concept was to make sure people get that the product is a game(!), especially a mobile game.

Creative concept

The client wanted to focus on building up great buildings or landmarks that people know, which is also a big part of the gameplay in Forge of Empires . Those great buildings had to be in a city-context with the emphasis on building and evolving through time as well as to show the cooperative tone of the gameplay.

The main idea was to have a pretty cube. On that cube there were different buildings of different ages and the platform shows the audience a part of the game. The client aimed for modern and trending art style. Each cube represented particular age from stone, middle age throughout present and mars age.


Every cube and age got his individual color code, point of interest, different nature and vegetation. We were focusing on the art style and the level of details on each cube, trying to to show a nice piece of the game in an isometric way while maintaining a modern and trending style.

Overview about the Game

Forge of Empires is a free-to-play, city-building strategy game in a historic setting that lets the player create his empire and guide it from the Stone Age throughout the centuries. The game combines aspects from city-building, turn- based-strategy and trading games, giving players the freedom to choose how to expand their city.
The goal of the game is to transform a prehistoric settlement into a modern city state which is unrivaled in trade, military and culture.